Wow Ace Review

August 9, 2006


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I’m going to start adding a rating to addons based on the following

star0.gif– Broken addon, addon doesn’t work or otherwise not worth downloading.

star1.gif– Addon works but has bugs, not ready for regular use.

star2.gif– Addon works as advertised, some bugs, use at your own risk.

star3.gif– Addon works as advertised no bugs noticed.

star4.gif– Addon is recommended as a top choice in its category.

star5.gif– Addon is a must have I really wouldn’t consider playing WoW without it.

Most addons should fall into the 3-4 star range.  A 0 star addon is basically totally broken as of the time of the review.  1-2 star addons are buggy and no ready for prime time yet.  A 5 star addon is an addon I simply won’t play WoW without.  There arn’t many 5 star addons out there IMHO.  Even though I play with 40+ addons on a regular basis not many are must have’s in and of themselvs.  Often I could substitute another addon for the one I’m currently using and be just as happy.  In that case both addons would be 4 star addons.


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