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August 14, 2006

Memory Usage in WoW

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This past week I was reviewing one of those show us your UI posts and ran across a nice liking SS.  One of the most impressive parts was the performance monitor that shows under 13mb and 0 kb growth.  I thought dam I try to me my UI mem usage as low as possible and growth down to avoid garbage collection but I no way near that.

The post also including the list of addons he was using so I though I’d try it out and then tweak the final list of addons to my tast.  After downloading and installing most but not all of the addons listed in the post I logged into WoW and and my jaw just about hit my keyboard.  My memory usage was around 20mb and 3-4 kb growth.  It just didn’t make any sense.

I knew the guy who posted the SS and list of addons he wasn’t the type to lie and try to trick ppl so what the heck as going on.  Why was he getting under 13mb while I was sitting at 20mb and growing and I was using fewer addons than he was?  While I pondered this over I logged on my lower level mage that to work on a few quests and my jaw just missed my keyboard again.  My mem usage was under 13mb, 12.4mb to be exact, and showed 0kb increase.  I ran around a bit and even went out a killed a few things.  My memory stood rock solid at 12.4/0kb.  So he wasn’t lying after all.

So now the quest was why was my druid getting 20mb usage while my mage was sitting pretty at 12.4.  Then it dawned on me my druid was sitting in IF and my mage was out in Redridge mountains.  Could it be something as simple as location?  So I took druid out to someplace quieter and log out and back in.  POOF my mem was now at 12.4/0.  However as soon as I approached anything too busy like a major town it quickly worked it’s way back up to 20.

So the moral of the story is just like real estate keep you eye on 3 things at all times location, location, location.

Another interesting thing I found is you can’t go back to someplace quite and do a garbage collection to get back down to the lower memory numbers.  You have to reload your interface or log out and back in again.


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