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August 29, 2006

PartyWatch Phase 1b

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Not much to show since I last posted on PartyWatch.

I spent a bunch of time testing and optimizing code the last couple of days. For starters the Need icons where taking up way too many resources they way I had it coded at first. Now thanks to SpecialEvents-Aura by Tekkub and some other change on my part things are back under control.

I’m also considering tossing out the target frame buff icons I was planning on adding. At first I was thinking I would want/need to see the buffs/debuffs on my target during a fight but after using it for a while I’ve found that I don’t really miss them. The only time I really need to see active buffs is when I’m healing and I want to see if the player has my HOT spells ticking way or not. However with AceTimer running I can see that just fine. AceTimer also let me know if I need to re-apply a dubuff or DoT and I don’t even need to keep the same guy targeted.

Current bugs:

  • When units die and come back to life they are still shown and dead.
  • When units die and come back to life their health/mana doesn’t update till the next refresh, ie their health/mana changes.


  • Add additional flags
  • Collapse the pet frame when no pet is active
  • Add targettarget frame


Here I am in a full party in the middle of a Barron run.  Notice the lack of buff icons?  Isn’t it great.  Also notice the bug where Alona our tank is still shown ad Dead even though she really isn’t, also there is the extra space where the pet frame would go if I had a pet which I don’t as a druid LOL.



  1. Looks awesome 😀

    Comment by ruben — October 8, 2006 @ 5:56 am

  2. you can even shorten it more by optionally coloring the player name using the class color scheme

    Comment by kunikos — April 25, 2007 @ 6:29 pm

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