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Addon Author: Kemayo

SVN: Whats this


QuestsFu is well described by Kemayo in the readme.txt file included in the addon.

This is a quest-tracker replacement plugin for FuBar ( It provides a tooltip which replicates /most/ of the information from the quest log. (Quest levels, difficulty, objectives, zones, and so on.) In addition, quest completion status can be shown in the tooltips for quest items and monsters.

Shift-click on quests in the tooltip to add them to Blizzard’s quest-tracker.
Control-click on quests in the tooltip to share them with your party.
Alt-click on quests in the tooltip to copy them to the chatbox if it’s open.

To install: Copy the FuBar_QuestsFu folder to: World of Warcraft/Interface/Addons

Comments may be made at:
Bug reports can be made at:
Feature requests can be made at:

QuestFu is an excellent simple quest addon that takes full advantage of Blizzards default quest log and quest tracker. You can quickly and easily see all your quest adjust the quest tracker etc.

By default the text of QuestsFu shows the number/total quests and when mousing over the icon/text the below window pops up. You can collapse areas just like in the quest log. Clicking on the quest will open your quest log to that quest and shift clicking will add it to the blizzard quest tracker.


Posted 8/8/2006



  1. Just make sure to put it in a place you don’t mouse over during use of common combat UI elements (such as bars) because it will pop out the huge display and make it difficult to get back to what you wanted without some annoyance… 😉

    Comment by kunikos — April 25, 2007 @ 6:35 pm

  2. @kunikos – Fubar has an option to disable all tooltips on the bars when in combat. I use this so I avoid those pesky things obscuring my action bar buttons when I need them ^_^

    Comment by anaxagoras — April 25, 2007 @ 8:07 pm

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