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Reviewed AceTimer-r9218


AceTimer gives you spell duration timers bars.  For example if you are a mage it will show you how long your sheep will last so you know when to recast it if needed.

Here is my hunter in the middle of a pretty standard fight.


The first bar shows how much longer my Hunter’s mark has to go.  The second how much longer the Immolation trap I placed will last, assuming it doesn’t get tripped.  I’ve hit the Splinter Fist Taskmaster with a concussive shot to slow him down a bit and got my serpent sting on him.

One of the really nice things for hunters is not only do you get a timer for how long till your trap expires but also for duration traps for how long the effect will last for which starts when the trap is triggered.  It also gives you a timer bar for things like mongoose bit and counter attack so you know when you mongoose bite or counter attack.  IE you get a timer bar for when you can use these attacks.

Each class has it’s own set of possible bars and can easily be adjusted or tweaked via the AceTimer[class].lua files in the Data folder of the addon.

Command line optionsSlash command /at or /acetimer

  • anchor – Shows the drag-able anchor
  • scale – sets the bar scale
  • grow – Toggle bar growing up or downwards
  • fade – Toggle whether bars disappear when spells fade.
  • kill – Toggle whether bars disappear when killing things
  • skill – Toggles whether bars appear when skills are available

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