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Addon Author: Elkano

Download: AceZipFiles list
Reviewed version oCD-r9175

Rating: star3.gif


oCD provides a status bar display of your spell cool-downs.

Here is oCd in action


And here are you more standard cool-down displays on your action button for the exact same spells.


Since oCD gets the cool-down data from your actual action buttons, in the same way other cool-down addons use to display cool-downs on your buttons, you will need to have the actions you want cool-downs for in your actions bars.  You will also get multiple cool-down bars if the an action triggers multiple action button cool-downs.  For example in the screen-shot above a hunter using Aimed shot like I did also triggers the Arcane Shot cool-down.

Another side effect of using the action buttons for cool-downs for pet users is you pets actions also show up in the cool-down list.

If you are reading this after reading over AceTimer you might have noticed that AceTimer also had bars for my traps. However this one is showing when I can place a trap, ie my trap cool-down, while AceTimer is showing how long my existing trap will last before it expires or how long the trap effect will last.

Command line options

Slash command /ocd

  • lock – locks/unlocks the frame from moving
  • min – Set the minimum cool-down that will be shown
  • max – Set the maximum cool-down that will be shown
  • growth – Set if the bars will grow up or down

Posted 8/29/2006


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