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August 29, 2006

Step right up to the bar.

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It’s bar review day here at WoW Ace Review. I have 3 addons that add status type bars to your screen.

First we have ElkBuffBar and replacement for the buff icons next to the minimap.

Second up is AceTimer a spell timer addon that shows how long your spell effect have left.

And last I have oCD and different way to show you spell and action cool-downs.


August 21, 2006

Couple more Fubar addons Reviews

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This time a have a couple of FuBar addons for ya. TopScore and ToFu.  Neither addon fits into the must have type of category.  However both and nice little utility type addons that are part of my list of addons.

TopScore keeps track of you top hits both diacriticals and normal.  It also tracks your heals for you support chars out there.

TuFu is a flight timer so you’ll know if you have enough just enough time to grab a cold one before the bird is going to land or enough time to brew a pot of coffee, take a nature break and do a little on-line shopping.

August 15, 2006

Clique Review Posted

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As the title says my review of Clique has been posted. Link
I’ve debated about either getting a lot of short reviews posted just to get some stuff out there or taking some time and writing fuller more complete reviews. Clique simply deserved a longer more complete review thus it took a bit longer to get done. Hope you enjoy it.

August 11, 2006


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New review of Minimalist posted along with screen shots.

August 8, 2006

Some more reviews up

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I need to take some screen shots of the addons today if I get a chance but I at least have a few more reviews to look over.

Fubar – including the starter plugins from ckknight

OneBag Review

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Got my first ace addon review done. One bag has been around a long time now and just keeps getting better. I still need to add a few screen shots to the review.

OneBag Review

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