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September 25, 2006

XAD take 2

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An update to XAD has been posted.  This newer versions is a test of the new code base.  It will look/act pretty much exactly like the previous version.  It’s the code behind the sences that had a major overhall.  I’m not useing a modular/plugin approch that will alow me to create a UI to let the user decided what each button does.  So if you don’t want a hearthstone button you can turn it off or you can rearage the buttons etc.  It also makes it very easy to create additional plugins for other button options, say some buttons to apply poisons for roges, a button for your mount or other potions you use on a regular bassis.  Basicly anything you keep in your backback could have a plugin created for it.

Over this next week I’ll be working on additional plugins and the UI to configure everything.

DL link is the same as the previous posting.


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